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Welcome to the crossroads of adventure and business brilliance. Whether you're seeking empowering strategies, authentic insights, or a wild ride through the untraditional lanes of business growth, you're in the right place. Explore the various ways we can collaborate below and find the path that resonates with your aspirations. Let's embark on this journey together.

Explore All The Adventurous Ways We Can Work Together. Ready To Redefine Success. 

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Ready to truly elevate your business journey?

Dive headfirst into the wild, transformative world of our academy's, group coaching, and tailored 1:1 programs. Whether you're seeking the empowering camaraderie of like-minded trailblazers or craving authentic, undivided attention to refine your strategies, there's a program here designed for your unique aspirations. Let's collaborate closely, turn challenges into adventures, and map out the path to your wildest business dreams.

Trailblazers' Collective

Where your audacious dreams become reality

Join the Trailblazers Collective is an empowering community, you won't just meet fellow trailblazers; you'll gain a mentor who’s just a message away! Together, we’ll explore powerful strategies, engage with exclusive content, and transform obstacles into stepping stones. With hands-on guidance and personalized insights, your journey to extraordinary business success is within reach. Ready to elevate your adventure with a coach in your corner? 

trailblazer's academy

Wildly Profitable and Adventurous Education for Your Wedding Business

Step into the Trailblazers Academy, where wild ambitions meet tangible results. Within this transformative space, not only will you collaborate with a collective of like-minded adventurers, but you'll also have a coach right in your back pocket—that's me! Together, we'll uncover empowering strategies, delve into curated content, and turn challenges into opportunities. With expert-led sessions and authentic feedback, your journey towards exponential business growth is just a click away. Ready to redefine what's possible with a coach by your side? Dive deeper inside.

Trailblazers Mastermind

Forge Your Path to Online Education and Adventure

Dreamt of sharing your unique knowledge through an online course? Dive into this program tailored for passionate creatives like you. We'll guide you step by step, from the inception of your course idea, through crafting content, to marketing and selling it. Expand your horizons, diversify your income, and join this wild expedition into the realm of course creation. Ready for the next phase of your journey? Venture deeper inside.

1:1 Coaching

 take your entrepreneur journey to the next level 

Ready for a wild, tailored journey that cuts right to the core of your business needs? If you've surpassed courses and are seeking a deeper, more personalized touch, my 1:1 offerings might be your golden ticket. Together, we'll tackle the unique challenges in your business, from crafting bespoke strategies to navigating complex roadblocks. Whether it's a specific hurdle or a desire to craft something distinctively yours, let's collaborate closely, empowering you to soar higher and bolder. Dive in, and let's create magic together.

The trailblazer

course suite

choose your adventure below!

Ready to blaze your own trail from the comfort of your space? Dive into our online courses, designed as your gateway to empowering knowledge and wild growth. Whether you're just starting out, looking to master the digital ad game, or craving a deep dive into the mastermind's wisdom, there's a Trailblazer's Guide waiting for you. Affordable, authentic, and packed with actionable insights, these DIY courses are your stepping stones to success.

the trailblazer's Pricing for profit

Price for profit

Dive into the heart of profitability with our 'Pricing for Profit' course. Designed for the wild-hearted and adventurous entrepreneur, this course is your roadmap to crafting a sustainable, profitable business model. Uncover the secrets to setting prices that not only cover your costs but also reflect the value you bring to each snap and frame. Perfect for those ready to break free from traditional models and forge their own path to success. Let's make your passion wildly profitable together.

the trailblazer's guide
to starting your photography business

up your marketing game

Ready to transition from hobbyist to pro? Uncover the secrets of the art of photography with this course. Dive deep into gear recommendations, mastering your camera in manual mode, and perfecting your skills in posing, composition, and lighting. Say goodbye to the confusion and uncertainty of beginner-level photography, and empower yourself to capture moments with precision and flair. This is your guide to setting the foundation for a thriving photography career.


Adventure Retreats

 Join a small, friendly group of fellow photographers. It’s all about sharing stories, exchanging ideas, and forging lasting connections as we explore these less-traveled paths together. Our tight-knit group setting ensures everyone gets personal attention and contributes uniquely to the adventure.

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I've been a member for several months now, and I can confidently say that it has transformed my photography business in ways I couldn't have imagined. The program goes beyond simply teaching marketing and business skills. It provides a roadmap for success, guiding photographers through every step of the process. From defining your niche and creating a compelling brand to attracting ideal clients and booking dreamy elopements, The Pathfinders Club covers it all.



The wealth of resources available is outstanding. The video tutorials, downloadable guides, and templates are incredibly useful, saving me time and effort. The content is well-organized and easy to digest, making it accessible even for those with limited experience in marketing and business.


The community is incredibly supportive, and Heather is genuinely invested in the success of every member. The feedback and guidance I've received have been instrumental in my growth as an elopement photographer. The weekly Q&A sessions are a great opportunity to get answers to specific questions and learn from others' experiences. 



Let's soar together!

Ready to blaze new trails and rise rapidly in your business?

Don't let another moment slip by. Embark on your next big adventure with me and watch your dreams turn into reality.