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Heather nichole


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i'm heather nichole!

I am a single mama to 3 teens and my office pup Izzy. I am a seasoned six-figure elopement photographer, that has blazed trails through the wild terrain of destination weddings. Now, I am channeling my expertise as a business coach to guide budding photographers and ambitious creatives on their unique paths. As the driving force behind the renowned Trailblazer's Academy and the innovative coaching course, Explorer's Academy, for creatives diving into the online course realm, Heather is the compass for those feeling lost in the vast landscape of the industry.

who am i

Coaching for visionary photographers

Navigating the world of photography can be daunting. Whether you're overwhelmed, struggling to stand out, or just can't seem to land those dream clients, Heather provides sustainable solutions tailored to your needs. But it's not just about landing clients; it's about evolving, embracing the wild romance of your craft, and building a brand that's authentically you. For those already on the journey but feeling the burnout, yearning for change, or aspiring to elevate their game – Heather's got you.

Discover strategies that don't just emulate Heather's success but adapt to your style, aligning with both your lifestyle and goals. Dive deep into the world of untraditional and unconventional success. The photography industry may be fierce, but with Heather's coaching, you'll rise above, conquering comparison fatigue and reigniting your passion. Step in, and let's blaze new trails together.


the Heather nichole

1. When I'm not behind the camera, you can find me...

a) In a yoga pose, finding my zen.
b) Planning my next adventure with Izzy.
c) Coaching other photographers to chase their dreams.
d) Playing and laughing with my awesome trio of kids.
e) All of the above!

4. Confession time: I am deathly afraid of...

a) Heights.
b) Spiders.
c) The unknown.
d) Missing a sunset.

2. My go-to drink after a long day of work is...

a) A wild berry smoothie.
b) A cup of earthy tea.
c) A glass of wine because romantic evenings are a must.
d) Fresh water from my latest adventure.

5. One day, I hope to...

a) Own a beach house, waking up to ocean waves every day.
b) Travel to every corner of the world.
c) Host a yoga retreat for adventurous souls.
d) Share more of my untraditional journey with the world.

3. When it comes to daily routines, I...

a) Sweat it out with an intense workout.
b) Meditate and flow with some yoga.
c) Organize a day for my three kiddos.
d) Catch a dreamy sunrise or sunset.
e) All of the above!

6. One wild thing I did that might surprise you...

a) Took a midnight hike.
b) Went hang gliding in the Swiss Alps on a whim.
c) Started a spontaneous adventure club during a wedding I was capturing.
d) Joined an impromptu dance-off.

get to know me

redefining the roadmap to success in the photography world

a look back on the past decade

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  • Officially launched my side hustle as a photography biz.
  • Took my first steps online with a website/blog.
  • Navigated the wild adventure of being a busy mama to three littles.
  • Earned my very first photographer award. (Go, me!)
  • Expanded my horizons: from families to lifestyle and senior sessions.


  • Diversified the biz with dance and sports photos.
  • Ran wild and colorful in my first Color Run.
  • Introduced my kids to the magic of an SLR film camera.
  • Embraced the outdoors: Hiking + Camping in Big Sur.
  • Marked a romantic milestone: Shot my first 5 weddings.


  • Welcomed Izzy to our unconventional family.
  • Leapt to shooting over 30 weddings and pivoted focus to wedding photography.

can you believe this is real life?!


  • Certified as a CF coach.
  • Introduced boudoir sessions to my wedding offerings.
  • Celebrated self-expression with my first tattoo.
  • Wanderlust took over: Shot my first destination engagement session.


  • Crossed borders: Shot my first destination wedding.
  • Embraced the wild side with archery and rock climbing.


  • Nostalgia and romance combined: Started offering film photography.
  • Welcomed my first team member aboard.
  • Hosted a dreamy styled shoot.
  • Wandered to 5 states for destination weddings.
  • Captured love from the skies in a hot air balloon engagement session.
  • Earned accolades and became a preferred vendor at 28 venues.


  • Mentored souls: Hosted 1:1 sessions and photographers' workshops.
  • Organized an enriching 3-day retreat.
  • Embarked on international wedding adventures.


  • Joined forces in a mastermind.
  • Spanned 7 countries, capturing love stories.
  • Lensed a celebrity wedding - lights, camera, action!
  • Claimed independence and moved out solo after two decades.
  • Triumphed with a 6-figure milestone and expanded the team.


  • Swerved into the intimate world of elopements.
  • Shared knowledge with an online course and as a guest on podcasts.
  • Got guidance from my 1:1 coach.
  • Celebrated more growth and success.


  • Ventured to over 30 destination weddings and elopements.
  • Built a passionate team of 6 photo and video enthusiasts.


  • 50+ destination tales of love captured.
  • Launched the Trailblazer's Mastermind.
  • Guided more 1:1 coaching souls on their journey.


  • Helped fellow photographers find their groove.
  • Set the foundation for a strong coaching business team.

yeah, i did that!

Talk about an amazing year

real thoughts

don't take it from me!

Ready to blaze the trail?

Ready to dive into the wild and adventurous world of photography with me? I offer a range of opportunities for coaching, including 1:1 sessions, online courses, group coaching programs, and live workshops. Let's make your photography journey as unique as you are. 

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